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Have your Auto-Enrolment preparations ground to a halt …… ?

…Or have they not even got off the ground yet?

As an SME ourselves, Magenta is very much aware of the responsibilities and obligation regarding auto-enrolment, especially as the staging and implementation dates draw ever nearer. There are around half a million businesses that are expected to comply with the new rules between now and the end of the year.


And the enforcement authorities are moving into prosecution mode. In April, Swindon Town Football Club were fined more than £20,000 for failing to auto-enrol its employees into a pension scheme in time for its staging date; and failing to write to its staff explaining the auto-enrolment obligations. Experts are warning that this prosecution may be the first of many escalated fines imposed on smaller employers.
Employers that fail to meet their auto-enrolment duties face an initial £400 fixed penalty, with further escalating penalties for continuing non-compliance. More than 1,500 fixed penalties have already been issued.


To assist our clients in the initial preparation and registration for auto-enrolment, Magenta is therefore introducing a low-cost assistance package, designed to take the initial work away from the employer, and to ensure compliance with staging dates and worker communications.


Magenta is offering this service via NEST; the workplace pension scheme set up by the Government, and specifically designed to ensure that every employer would have access to a high-quality auto-enrolment workplace pension scheme. For more information, search NEST has also been structured with the resources for professional advisers (such as Magenta) to assist clients in the initial set-up and establishment of the pension scheme. There are still aspects of auto-enrolment that remain squarely with the employer; including, of course, the payments, and the integration of auto-enrolment into your payroll system (whether weekly or monthly).


But Magenta, on your behalf, will be able to take on the initial and documentary duties that could take up a considerable amount of your time. Completion of these duties, by Magenta on your behalf, will remove the risk of the afore-mentioned penalties for non-compliance with staging dates and worker communications.




Auto-enrolment will not go away. The Magenta Auto-Enrolment Assistance Package offers initial peace of mind; frees up your time and resources; and provides you with a cost-effective means of getting your auto-enrolment up and running! The Magenta Auto-Enrolment Assistance Package is designed specifically for small businesses. The Package utilises the Government-backed NEST pension scheme, and cannot be used to establish schemes with other providers. Because of its low cost, prepayment is required and a prepayment invoice will be issued at the time of order.


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