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From small beginnings over a decade ago, Magenta Moon is a HR, Employment Law, and Health & Safety consultancy offering a range of services including the stand-alone provision of documentation, one-off consultations, and ongoing advice and support.

From a legal publishing background built up over many years, Magenta has established a reputation for accurate, easy-to-understand documentation that can be embraced by employers and employees alike, with over 10,000 Magenta-designed employee contracts, Staff Handbooks, and Health & Safety policies currently in circulation.

With a deliberate and pronounced lack of ‘legal-speak’, Magenta has proved time and time again that it is possible to produce effective and protective documentation without the need for incomprehensible  legal language that only serves to bamboozle employees. This archaic approach does little to foster good employer / employee relations, but instead it can create an unhealthy culture of suspicion and defensiveness.


Magenta also offers a choice of payment plans, with many clients opting for monthly Standing Order payments on an ‘until further notice’ basis. We are particularly proud of our client retention; achieved without the need for long-term agreements and termination penalty clauses. Our clients remain as Magenta clients for one reason – because they want to.


With its offices centrally located in Cheshire, close to major motorway and rail links, Magenta’s client base stretches from the South coast to the north of Scotland, and from the west of Wales to the counties of East Anglia.

We see no reason to hide our fees, and will be happy to give you an indication of costs over the phone or by email. We would also be delighted to then visit you to confirm our costs, without any need for a hard-sell or obligation to join us.

So as you can see, we try to give you every reason to contact us!


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